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Windoshow 2024 is joining forces with the Seebbe Fair, ushering in a new era of innovation, collaboration, and breaking boundaries! As Windoshow, we come together annually with pioneers in the world of technology and innovation. However, this time, we are expanding our horizons and moving forward by seizing the unique opportunities offered by the Seebbe Fair.

5 Reasons to Visit Windoshow Belgrade 2024

WindoShow 2024 is claiming to be the largest B2B fair in the industry by joining forces with the Seebbe Fair this year. Here are five compelling reasons to visit this major event:

Meet Leading Companies and the Latest Technologies!

WindoShow 2024 brings together the industry's leading manufacturers. The event provides a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies. Visit the booths of participating companies to discover the most up-to-date products and services in the industry.

4 Giant Sectors Under the Same Roof

The building and construction technologies, window, glass, and door sectors, which are the driving forces of the construction industry, come together at WindoShow 2024. This event provides an excellent opportunity for you to find all components of these four giant sectors under one roof. Explore the changing dynamics of each sector and evaluate new opportunities to enhance your business.


New Business Connections and Opportunities

WindoShow 2024 provides an opportunity to enhance your business network in a dynamic and efficient environment. The event offers an excellent platform for establishing new business connections and communicating with professionals in the industry. Take your business to the next level by meeting new companies and professionals.   

Engage with Procurement Professionals and Distributors

Engaging with a broad customer and distributor network is just one of the advantages that WindoShow 2024 offers. The event provides an ideal environment for meeting procurement professionals and distributors. Strengthen your relationships with business individuals eager to establish new partnerships and expand your business.   

Meet Architects and Contractors
Meet professionals ranging from renowned architects to leading construction firms, all seeking the best solutions in the market at WindoShow 2024. The event enables direct communication with architects and contractors, providing you with the opportunity to discover the industry's best practices and projects.
Connect with Leaders in the Construction Industry WindoShow 2024 brings together decision-makers and influential professionals at the pinnacle of the window, door, glass, aluminum, and Balkans construction sectors. The event provides an opportunity to establish strategic relationships for your business by facilitating direct connections with industry leaders.

Strong Expertise in Both the Door, Window, Glass, Construction, and Building Technologies Sectors and Fair Organization

Windoshow 2024 will be organized in collaboration with TÜYAP All Fair Organizations Inc. and ITF, in partnership with Winart and Aluart magazines. TÜYAP Fair Group organizes commercial events for a wide range of sectors and industries. Operating in eight cities and establishing long-term collaborations with over 100 professional organizations, TÜYAP sets itself apart from its competitors. Consequently, this collaboration makes Windoshow 2024 an exceptional platform for seizing new business opportunities.