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Deck Art Machines is a company specializing in manufacturing and developing unique machines and technology dedicated to engineered wood flooring manufacturing. Equipped with Deck Art machines and technology, our customers will be able to produce flooring of exceptional quality effortlessly. With us, it s not just about the machines. Driven by our vast experience in this branch of the industry we are also here to help and guide you through every step of the engineered wood flooring manufacturing process.

Deck Art Machines Cold Hydraulic Press for Engineered Wood FlooringEngineered Wood Flooring Cold Hydraulic Press - MK3 Digital Series

It is a well-known fact that the cold wood lamination process is the best possible way of ensuring the quality and durable bonding of wood using adhesives. With Deck Art cold hydraulic presses, you will achieve the finest quality of lamination of the flooring hardwood wear layer to the flooring core, and ensure a perfectly stable base for further processing with no effort. During the development of our presses, as flooring manufacturing experts, we have addressed all the common issues encountered by flooring manufacturers and, as a result, we proudly present to you our unique hydraulic presses dedicated to engineered wood flooring production. Machine special features: - Completely Digital Control by 15 Touch Screen! - Digital Pressure Monitoring for each independent gluing cycle - Automatic Adding of Pressure for each independent gluing cycle - Digitally Adjustable Pressure for each independent gluing cycle - Set the pressing time for each independent gluing cycle - Remote Online Diagnostics and troubleshooting available -All of the pressing plates are self-aligning! This feature enables users to compensate for any imperfections in the prepared material and ensure an even distribution of pressure, thus achieving great quality in the gluing process. - Multiple independent gluing cycles in combination stop valve on each cylinder- This feature enables users to turn off and on any desired cylinder, which gives users maximum flexibility in gluing a variety of different lengths of flooring on a single press. - All of the presses are equipped with a motorized conveyor system - for delivering the material from the glue spreading machine to the working spot on the press. The transport speed of the material is digitally controlled. - Specially designed, adjustable back supports will keep the material centered for even pressure distribution, this gives you maximum flexibility when gluing different widths of flooring on a single press

Deck Art Machines Parquet Finishing LineMachine for parquet oiling, buffing, wiping and LED UV curing

Deck Art Parquet Finishing Line is a combined machinery unit for applying oils on the surface of wood flooring, double buffing, double wiping, and LED UV Curing of the oiled flooring surface. Apart from the simplicity of use, the machine has an extraordinary design and appearance which will further enhance the everyday user experience. Equipped with Deck Art Parquet Finishing Line you will be able to achieve up to 1000 m2 (depending on flooring dimensions) completely finished, ready for packing, and flooring in a single 8h working shift with two engaged workers. Machine components and special features: - Fully Automated Digital System of Control via 15 Touch Screen - Fully Automated Setup of Parameters Type the desired parameters on the touchscreen (such as flooring plank width and thickness; the speed of feed, brushes, and buffers, and amount of application ), and the machine will automatically set itself up according to the given parameters. After that, you can start your work immediately. - Extremely easy to use and handle! - Connect it online! Online, remote diagnostics, work analytics, and troubleshooting available. - Memory bank Where you will be able to save and choose presets for different types of planks. - Single roller coater Unit for precise and effortless applying of oils onto the surface of wood flooring. - Double buffer Unit composed of two powerful buffers for flooring polishing. Speed and direction of buffers rotation are digitally manipulated, thus ensuring a quality polishing process for any given scenario. - Two Self-Cleaning Wiping Brushes Unit for wiping and dispersing oil on the flooring surface. The speed of brushes is digitally manipulated, thus ensuring a quality wiping process for any given scenario. Removing and returning wiping brushes for cleaning is simple and effortless. Brushes casings are equipped with a self-cleaning system containing a scraper and a small tank for collecting excess oil from the brushes. With this technology, the capacity for brush wiping is exponentially improved before the need for cleaning them - LED UV Curing Unit Unit for fast curing of the previously applied LED UV Oils on the surface of the wooden flooring

Deck Art Machines Automated Parquet Oiling LineDeck Art Machines Automated Parquet Oiling Line

Deck Art Automated Parquet Finishing Solutions introduce new, cutting-edge technologies that ensure great output capacities, low power consumption, no waste of material, and taking care of the environment. Implementing our machines into your production line will ensure money saving and high quality of the finished product.

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